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Knowing how to make a great eCommerce website is not rocket science, but it still is an art which is learnt through mistakes and experience.

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Once you know the requirements of a successful eCommerce website, you would almost never falter on the basics. Once this is done, the rest is just about having the creativity to attract and engage the visitor.

Predominantly the ground rules to creating a good ecommerce website design remain the same because the motive behind the creation of sucha website remains the same everywhere. The motive is to increase your business and sales through the website.

Let us have a look at the factors which should be kept in mind while designing an eCommerce website:-

Appealing design –

  • The visual appeal of the website is what meets the visitor eye the moment the website is opened. Needless to say that the looks and attractiveness of the website should be good enough to make a brilliant first impression on the visitor. One cannot undermine the value of having a great first impression on the visitor and a great web design does just that. The consequences of having a bad design are quite understood!

Simple layout and easy navigation –

  • More than anything that goes into development of a website, it is the layout as well as the navigation which matter the most. A great web design does its bit to attract the visitor, but it is the uncomplicated layout and the simplification of navigation for the user that bring success to the website.

Detailed product information –

  • It is the basic purpose of your website to make the visitors of your website aware about your product or service.

Therefore it becomes imperative to explain all the aspects of your product to the visitor, so that he/she is able to make up their mind to buy the product. A detailed product description thus irons out all doubts in the minds of the visitor regarding the product.

Quality product images –

  • When you create an eCommerce website, you aim to provide almost the same kind of shipping experience to the visitor, as he/she would have got in a showroom or mall. Therefore to recreate that experience, you too have to provide the visitors the same look and feel that he would expect in an actual showroom. The pictures which you upload to display your products should be clear enough to give a great visual experience to your visitors.

Effective call to action –

  • Often, when a customer decides to buy a product, he/she is asked to add the product to the shopping cart. Therefore, as any call-to-action would follow, it would be recommended to make a visually apparent button that invites the visitor to add the products to the cart. Use bright colors for the same.

Visible contact details –

  • Your contact details are the point of contact between the visitor and your company. Therefore make sure that the details provided are correct. Also to be ensured is that the contact details are placed in an easily noticeable position.

Easy checkout process –

  • Nothing beats an easy and hassle free check-out process. Think it like the post purchase in a shop. You wouldn’t want to be hassled by nonsensical processes once you have purchased the product. Therefore keep the check-out process as simple as possible.

Fast loading time –

  • Last but not the least comes the quick loading time. Nothing irritates the visitor more than a slow sloppy website that takes ages to load or open. Ensure that the developers get it right and the loading time is reduced to as less as possible.

Keep these features in mind while developing your eCommerce website and you would soon be reaping the dividends of the smart work done.

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