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How do you change the offer after the QR Code has been printed?

If I could show you how to change the message on your coupons, flyers, mailers, print ads AFTER they are printed and in the hands of your prospects … would there be ANY reason you wouldn’t want to hear about that?

If I could show you a way to get your current customers to spend more, come back more often and recommend you to their friends and even strangers …. Would there be ANY reason you wouldn’t want to hear about it?

QR Codes

This is what Entrepreneur Magazine has to say about the incorrect way that most QR codes are being used:

Here’s an example of why I hate them: The other night I picked up a pizza at a local restaurant. There was a QR code on the box, and when I scanned it with my iPhone, it opened a web page that gave me “the opportunity” to join the restaurant’s e-mail list. There were two problems with that. First, the page gave me no incentive to hand over my personal information, other than a vague reference to possible “specials.” (Really? I thought. What’s in it for me?) Second, the page had about 10 minuscule fields to complete (my e-mail, full name, address, etc.). Have you ever tried to fill out a form like that on an iPhone? Even if I had wanted to give them my information, they made it difficult. Why make your customer work so hard?

You may have seen other silly efforts. Recently, a code I scanned on an in-store poster linked to the homepage of (doh!) a non-mobile-friendly site. Bad placement abounds, too: Have you noticed QR codes on billboards or the backs of shampoo bottles? Unless you pull over on the expressway or shower with your device, this is far from optimal.

Examples like these are why the QR code has become the poster child of potentially tremendous lead-gen tools that are sadly underused, or used in weirdly ineffective ways.

Which is a crying shame. Because here’s what I love about QR codes: They spell fun and opportunity and can be a compelling way to attract and retain customers. The codes are designed to connect easily with customers on the go (the quick part of QR) and encourage their engagement (the response part). At their best, QR codes can bridge the online and offline worlds and enrich your lead-gen efforts.

But only if–like so many things in life–you use them right.

This article was originally published in the February 2012 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: How to Crack the QR Code for Mobile Marketing.

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