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BREAKING NEWS: New Tech Unleashes Easy Search Engine Ranking for Small and Medium Businesses

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The Big Search Engine began collecting user behavior data in 2006 and has developed an algorithm to determine which sites belong at the top of their search listings. IT STOPPED MEASURING the hard work you put into your site and the ‘real depth of your expertise’ as you created what you thought was meaningful and powerful tools to help people with your service or product.


INSTEAD The Big Search Engine now measures user signals to evaluate the relevance of content. Fact: They still use old SEO metrics such as linking and proper onpage optimization to temporarily place sites at the top of their listings as a split test but if the user signals do not beat out the past placements then they lose the split test and will fall from the top very quickly.

What Does that mean to YOU?

IT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL OF US: What hurts even more is doing SITE UPDATES or building NEW SITES as your company grows can get you penalized HARD.

MAYBE you have been forced to spend a lot of MONEY with “EXPERTS” claiming they can get it back and in some cases they can BUT what about the time and money and opportunity you lost.


WELL WE CAN and it is not hard or expensive. Actually it should costs $1000’s more than it does. I mean really what is the value of being FIRST or Top of Mind … what is the value of a real customer WHO SEARCHED for you and didn’t find you but found another provider instead. A real OLD FASHIONED CUSTOMER that lasts years and years. Not a single one off purchase but someone who knows your VALUE because they sought you out.


Simple to Use

No Tech or SEO Skills Needed, just jump in and start using the program.

Powerful Results

Rank faster than you ever have with search signals provided by navigational searches.

Powerful Mobile Searches

Get powerful navigational searches from real mobile devices. This has proven to be much more powerful than desktop searches for obvious reasons

Very Inexpensive

This tool isn’t going to break the bank! Keep the profits where they belong, in your account!

Simple Tool

Tools you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning. Configure your first project in 3 minutes without hassle or fuss.

7 Most Powerful User Signals

  1. Searches on Mobile devices
  2. Proximity Search
    (Distance of searchers to location)
  3. Searches from multiple platforms
  4. Navigational Searches
    (Searches for deep content)
  5. Brand Searches
    (Searches for the Brand Name) Notice most searches now return big brands due to this factor. Unfair to the little guys!
  6. Combined Keyword & Brand Searches
  7. Revised Searches prior to Click Through (Revised searches adding brand)
Site Pop - google rank brain

IMAGINE being in control of the 7 Most Powerful Search Signals for Ranking

This is perfect for any local business that must dominate their market NOW

IF you TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SITE POP™  the most POWERFUL SEO TOOL AVAILABLE for Private and Agency use RIGHT NOW you can activate your account for little as

Did You Know 87% of people Search a product or service when they are thinking about buying BEFORE THEY BUY IT. What is the power of making them feel secure because YOU are on the first page of the Search Engine. What is the power if they are searching your competitor and they are NOT on the first page and you ARE.

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