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You cannot create good website designs without working with good designing tools. These tools are the catalysts that allow you to unleash your creativity and let loose all those ideas. You get to bring them in front of you and create images you have in mind. Most web design companies in South Africa and web development companies in Johannesburg make use of these tools to create visually appealing designs. Graphical representations that appease the eye are the result of some very good and robust handy work done on these. Some of the tools on which the designs can be created are mentioned below:

Fireworks: Fireworks is as firebrand a tool as the name itself is. It is a commercial raster and vector graphics editor hybrid available for the Windows and Mac OS. It has categorically been designed for those that love making web layout prototypes. The Slice is a very distinct concept realized on this tool. An entire site design can be packaged into the PDF Format with clickable components. Web graphics become light in the process.

Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a commercial application meant for web development featuring a packed suite of tools. The options in it include the likes of syntax highlighting and code hinting, a build up FTP Client, workflow options and project management. Live View is again a feature that helps in previewing source code. It integrates other products as well and allows end user to share smart objects for editing and updating graphics components. Web design companies and web development companies revel under the effect.

Panic Coda: This is a shareware web development application for the Mac OSX OS.

The amount of applications comes down and usage becomes lesser. The tool is programmed with a one window web development policy, where a tabled interface is used for text editing.

Photoshop: This is one of the most popular tools used for designing. It is a graphics editor meant categorically for professional photographers and designers. Images can be manipulated and web graphics created. The tool has got filters, which add effects to image. Brushes, Action and Scripting add extensibility and automation.

Firebug: This is a free open source web development tool for the Firefox browser. Features include on the fly HTML and CSS Editing, tweaking, debugging etc. There is a console for logging and an inspection tool to see how elements of the web page relate to each other.

These are some of the most popular tools meant for web designing, fondly used by web design companies. Some of the finest of websites are coded and designed on these tools. The creative brains behind them ensure they accommodate all possible features they can and make the applications as vibrant as they can.

Creating designs on these tools is a dream for any designer yearning for a source through which he can unleash all his designing potential. Designing on them is a pleasure a designer cannot think of letting go off.

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